Pipe renovations for detached houses easily and quickly

The Linercom method is a quicker, more affordable and, above all, an easier option for the customer, in case of a pipe renovation of a detached house. When using the method, the pipes are CIPP-lined, i.e. a new pipe is installed inside the old pipe, to last again for several decades. This avoids having to demolish walls and floors, and it can be completed with less noise. Therefore, you can live at home for the duration of the renovation.

For us, fair play is an important matter. Therefore, we always proceed as agreed:

  • Invite us to complete a free assessment visit.
  • You will be given an instant quote or, if you wish, it can also be delivered by email.
  • You will have plenty of time to make a decision.
  • Our renovation work is eligible for deduction of household expenses.

We complete all renovations concerning pipelines on a turnkey principle, with a quick delivery time. Our professional team is available to assist you all the way from planning the renovation to its successful implementation. In addition to CIPP lining, our services also include domestic water and heating system renovations.