Linerdrain floor drain

Installing the Linercom-developed Linerdrain floor drain is easy and convenient. The new plastic floor drain is installed inside the old drain, so there is no need to break waterproofing material or surfaces during installation. Savings come both in time and money compared to traditional methods, where the old drain is chiseled open, breaking up surfaces. In turn, applying coating to drains leaves a significant risk to the structures.

Using Linerdrain allows drain renovation to be done seamlessly, from the floor drain all the way to the yard drain. The plastic floor drain has no sharp corners or edges that collect dirt, so keeping it clean is also very easy and hygienic.

This plastic renovation drain is a patented Finnish product. Finnish Patent and Registration Office patent No. 11063 and registered Community design (RCD) registry number 002842799-0001.

Technology research centre VTT has carried out flow measurements on the floor drain according to standard SFS-EN 1253-2.


Linerdrain extension ring

For places where the Linedrain floor drain has been installed, the Linerdrain extension ring is available for future bathroom renovations. Surface structures are broken down to the level of the old cast-iron drain, and the extension ring is rotated into place into a Linerdrain floor drain previously installed during cured-in-place-pipe installation. The Linerdrain extension ring fits directly on membrane flanges that are already on the market, as well as extension rings with side connections.

The Linerdrain extension ring is a registered Community design (RCD), registry numbers 003095660-0001 and 003095660-0002.

VTT has performed a leakage test on the extension ring according to the SFS-EN 1253-1 standard.

Download technical diagrams of Linerdrain extension ring: