Housing cooperatives’ pipe renovations with vast experience

We complete all home renovations concerning pipelines on a turnkey principle, and with a quick delivery time. The Linercom method is a quicker, more affordable and, above all, an easier option for the customer, in case of a pipe renovation.

When using the method, the pipes are CIPP-lined, i.e. a new pipe is installed inside the old pipe, to last again for several decades. In this way, the demolishment of walls and floors
is avoided, and less noise and debris is caused. Residents can also live at home for the duration of the renovation.

We know how a successful renovation is performed

When completing housing cooperatives’ pipe renovations, our team’s professional work management, technical know-how and experience in completing various projects is emphasised. Our aim is to ensure that the same professional carries out the lining of the customer’s site; from preparing the quote to operating as the site supervisor all the way to the finish line.

The completion of renovations is always completed in the same, efficient manner:

  1. Before beginning the project, we take care of informing the residents.
  2. Once we arrive at the construction site, we protect the site.
  3. We handle the cleaning and lining of the pipes. To cure the lining, we always use steam or hot water and a branch saddle is installed at each branch.
  4. When the work has been completed, we clean the construction site and provide a handover file.

We complete the pipe renovations of housing cooperatives either by CIPP lining or by replacing the pipes for new ones, when it is financially worthwhile. Our good-conditioned and reliable machinery has been assessed to be suitable for the successful completion of all-sized projects.

We complete CIPP linings throughout Finland. Sites we have completed can be found, for example, in Kouvola, Helsinki, Turku and Lappeenranta.